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Fadal servomotor and drive repair and replacements

Fadal Repair, Refurbishment, and Replacements

Potomac Repair Services offers 20 years of experience in servomotor and servodrive repairs for Fadal machines. We also manufacture and design Form, Fit, and Function replacement parts.

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Potomac Electric is an industry leader in manufacturing replacement servomotors for Fadal CNC machining centers. Fadal vertical machining centers (VMC) are known for their reliability and have attracted close to 50,000 loyal customers worldwide. Potomac Electric continues to develop new products to help end users to keep the cost of maintaining CNC equipment down. We have expanded our family of servo motor replacements for Bridgeport, Bryant Grinder, Cincinnati Inc., HAAS, Hurco, and Koike Aronson with a replacement for Fadal VMC 4020.

Potomac Electric uses a new generation of high-energy magnets that enhance torque, packaging, and reliability. These new motors are small in size and have a high-quality silver commutator. Potomac Electric's excellent technical support and experienced engineering staff will ensure that every customer will benefit from upgrading to Potomac Electric servo motors. We also offer an effective repair service for all Fadal servo motors, spindles, and servo amplifiers.

Fadal part # Motor manufacturer Potomac Electric Part #
MTR-0001 Glentek 6000 MTR4344.FF
MTR-0002 Glentek 4050 MTR4248.FF
Hurco Hawk 30 Glentek Repair only at this time
Hurco Hawk 40 Baldor Repair only at this time


The list of servo motors we support is constantly growing as we identify the needs of our customers. We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost of maintaining the machinery. Please drop us a note on our Inquiry and Quotes page with any questions.

Many of the servomotors listed above are in stock and waiting for your order so call for details at (617) 364-0400. Many of the Fadal servo motors and drives may be available in our Parts Inventory, so please contact us if you have any small-lot production needs.