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Koike Aronson Repair, Refurbishment, and Replacements

Potomac Repair Services offers 20 years of experience in servomotor and servodrive repairs for Koike Aronson machines. We also manufacture and design Form, Fit, and Function replacement parts.

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Potomac Electric is the industry leader in manufacturing replacement servomotors for Koike Aronson CNC machines. Engineered and manufactured at our plant in Boston, these new servo motors feature compact size, high quality, and a new silver commutator.

Koike Part # Description Potomac Electric Part #
0868-5763-06 DC motor w/encoder MTE3243.BG
0868-5763-05 DC motor w/encoder MTE3241.BG
0876-5763-02 DC motor w/encoder MTE3241.BG
0876-5763-03 DC motor w/encoder MTE3241.BG
0868-5763-04 DC motor w/encoder MTE3243.BG

DC servo motors and servo drives have continued to be the workhorse of the CNC industry. This is why Potomac Electric has invested in designing a new line of DC servo motors to support the industry needs. Potomac Electric excellent technical support and experienced engineers will ensure that every customer will benefit in upgrading to Potomac Electric servomotors.

In the 1990s, the majority of machine manufacturers shifted from brushed servo motors to brushless servo motors as the cost of the technology had come down. The higher speeds and absence of brush maintenance in the brushless servo motors offered favorable advantages. As DC brush servo motors became less attractive, machine builders slowly phased out this technology. As a result, the price and delivery of these servo motors increased dramatically. Potomac Electric has set a goal to support such a void in the machine tool industry with a high-quality DC brush servo motors at a low cost.

The list of servo motors we support is constantly growing as we identify the needs of our customers. We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost of maintaining the machinery. Please drop us a note on our Inquiry and Quotes page with any questions.

Many of the servomotors listed above are in stock and waiting for your order, so call for details at (617) 364-0400. Servomotor models that do not appear in this list may be available in our Parts Inventory, so please contact us if you have any small-lot production needs.