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Aftermarket Replacements

For over 20 years, Potomac Electric has repaired and remanufactured tens of thousands of servo motors, pumps, actuators, servo amplifiers, spindles, and motion controllers for industrial and military customers. Based on our vast experience in specific applications and machines, we continuously design and produce aftermarket replacement components as well as complete retrofit systems. The key is that we make Form, Fit, and Function replacements! Thus, we remove old motors, drives, and cables and put in our products that fit mechanically exactly the same way and flawlessly interface with existing CNC, PLC, and other types of motion control. Customers save a lot of money by reducing downtime.

We also offer field assistance, but in most cases, customers install replacements themselves. That is how well our retrofits are designed! OEMs (machine builders) use retrofit to support older systems where parts are not available or are expensive. End users, of course, benefit the same way. The need for retrofit is driven by the fact that older motion control servos are difficult to service or replace. Over the years, we have developed a large number of direct replacements. Some you will find in this section, and some are under development.

We at Potomac Electric understand the time and cost pressure of maintaining automation equipment. If replacements are not an option, we will help you with high-quality repair work and a fast turnaround!

Links to the Aftermarket Replacements below are grouped by specific industries (OEM machines) and by the brand of the components (motors and controllers). Again, if you find what you are looking for, or are interested in Potomac Electric developing a replacement, please drop us a note.


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