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Potomac Electric
Potomac Electric

Components for Radar Equipment

Repair, Refurbishment, and Replacement of Motors, Electronic Amplifiers, Slip Rings, and Gearboxes

Radars and Antennas employ precision-controlled electric motors, drive electronics, and position controllers. The system operates the azimuth and elevation axes of the pedestal. 

Our Repair Group provides third party support to end users and radar OEMs in the area of aftermarket repair, refurbishment, and field retrofit of electro-mechanical components.

Potomac Electric is also a manufacturer! We develop and build motors, controls, and systems in small lot quantities. Our engineers work closely with the Repair Group to develop direct replacements for the parts that are no longer available or carry a high cost. We provide you, our customer, not only with repairs but also with a solution to your problems! Having a service organization set up to design and quickly make fit, form, and function replacements is unique! All our products are made in the USA.

Many of our customers operate military radars. Potomac Electric does both, repair and manufacturing of new parts for the military, and follows all appropriate specifications, procedures, and quality processes. But unlike the companies who perform only military work, most of our customers are in the commercial world. As a small company, we always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Fast turnaround and quality are essential. But cost is critical, too, especially now. Potomac Electric has geared its business to provide you with solutions, often at 50% less cost than OEMs.

Here are some of the brands we support: