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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Where are you located?

    Our manufacturing plant and motor repair facilities are located in Boston, Massachusetts. We also have offices in South Carolina, Cleveland, Ohio and Los Angeles. Depending on the problem, the work is performed at those locations as well.

    Google Maps: Potomac Electric Boston, MA

  • What is your warranty?

    All repairs on servo motors, pumps, spindles, and servo drive amplifiers carry a one year limited warranty. We understand that you might not use your newly refurbished servo motor or servo drive amplifier after receiving it back from Potomac Electric, so our warranty is flexible and will usually cover this.

  • My Machine is down and I need a repair right away. What is your turnaround time?

    Our standard turnaround time for repair is two weeks. The Expedite Service will ensure your motor is repaired right away and returned to you within a few days (normally 2-3). This service is 25% more than a regular repair cost to cover overtime and rush charges.

  • Do you charge an Evaluation fee?

    Yes, the evaluation fee is $85. However this charge is discounted if you choose to have your servo motor or drive amplifier repaired or purchase a new motor from Potomac Electric. The reason for this fee is to pay for the technician's time as they spend 1-2 hours disassembling and testing the unit. Other companies might advertise no evaluation fee, but build it into the cost later on. With Potomac Electric you will always know the truth up front; there are no hidden fees.

  • How much will the repair cost me?

    The cost of parts varies with complexity and size. Although we have a few set prices for some servo motors and drive amplifiers, these prices may vary with the cost of materials or availability of parts. Please keep in mind that Potomac Electric always provides a fair price for service and the quality of service that you deserve.

    To find out the cost to repair your servo motor, drive amplifier or other part, please contact our Sales Department by phone at (617) 364-0400 or Request a Quote Online.

  • Does Potomac Electric have expertise in my particular equipment?

    In the area of motors and other mechanical parts, we are fortunate to have the full support from our Manufacturing Division, Design Engineering, and Machine Shop. You can view the partial list of brands Potomac Electric has refurbished over the years. We are always learning! However, we do not walk on water and sometimes cannot repair the unit. In those cases, Technical Support will assist you in finding the solution, including suggesting a substitution. For Servoamplifiers, Variable Speed Drives, and Power Supplies, please contact Technical Support. If we have developed documentation for the product, just send it in.

  • What is your quality system?

    Both the Repair Operations and Manufacturing Division follow ISO9001 standards. Although not certified, we update and maintain an ISO Quality System. We maintain records of product serial numbers to make it easier to determine the history of repairs.

  • Can we visit your company?

    Potential customers are always welcome! We will show you how we work!

  • How do I send repairs to Potomac Electric and how do I pay for it?

    You should send the equipment to:

    One Westinghouse Plaza
    Boston, MA 02136 USA

    Important Notes: Poor or negligent packaging can further damage parts sent for repair. Please use caution during packing.

    Step 1
    It is best to send your unit in with an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. That way we know it is coming and you have a way to follow up on your order. You can use our Inquiries & Quotes Form, or call customer service at 800-224-4712, Extension 24.
    Step 2
    Include company and contact information with your unit. If possible, include a Purchase Order number with the quoted amount or an $85 evaluation fee. The actual Purchase Order, tax certificate, and credit information can be sent later and do not need to be included in the box. You can fill out our Inquiries & Quotes form online, or send your info via fax or e-mail. Our standard terms are NET 30 but credit cards are accepted. Overseas customers need to transfer the quoted amount in US dollars electronically prior to shipping the product to Potomac Electric.
    Step 3
    When your equipment arrives, we will do an evaluation and Customer Service will notify you. If there are any problems or delays with your order, Customer Service will contact you right away.