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Potomac Electric
Potomac Electric
Cincinnati Inc. Repair, Refurbishment, and Replacements

Potomac Repair Services offers 20 years of experience in servomotor and servodrive repairs for Cincinnati Inc. machines. We also manufacture and design Form, Fit, and Function replacement parts.

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Potomac Electric is a leading company in the USA that manufactures replacement servomotors for many Cincinnati CNC machines.

A new generation of servo motors developed in the early 2000s features a state-of-the-art design with a more compact size, a silver commutator, and a significantly more reliable encoder. All motors are made in the USA at our plant in Boston.

Potomac Electric is currently in the process of developing servo amplifier replacements as well.

We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost of maintaining the machinery. Please drop us a note on our Inquiry and Quotes page with any questions.

Many of the Cincinnati Inc. servo motors may be in our Parts Inventory, so contact us with any inquiries for small lot production.