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Direct Replacement For Multicam Servomotors

Direct Replacement for Multicam Servomotors


Boston, MA, March 13, 2019

Potomac Electric introduces a direct drop-in replacement for discontinued servomotors used on Multicam ( Plasma Cutting and Router CNC machines.

Potomac Electric’s new BMC3500 and BMC3501 AC Brushless servomotors feature sealed bearings and higher torque, resulting in longer motor life. The motors fit in place of MCG’s servomotors used in Multicam machines over the past 10 years. Mechanical and electrical performance is precisely matched to allow simple replacement.

We are proud to introduce these new motors as a cost-effective field solution for long-term machine maintenance and support. All our products are designed and manufactured in the USA at our factory in Boston, MA.

BMC3500 and BMC3501 AC Brushless motors

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The BMC3500 Series provides a long and reliable operating life without a costly retrofit of your machine.