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MCG Servo Motors

MCG and Ametek servo motor repair
MCG and Ametek Servo Motor Repair
MCG and Hardinge servo motor repair
MCG and Hardinge Servo Motor Repair

Potomac Electric Repair Services has provided quality MCG and Ametek servo motor and servo drive repairs for many years.

We also design and manufacture Form, Fit, and Function MCG and Ametek replacements. 

Contact us. We may have already solved your problem!

Working on MCG servo motors for over ten years, Potomac Electric has repaired hundreds of brush and brushless MCG servo motors. Since Ametek acquired and obsoleted many MCG servo motors, we offer a large number of replacements.

MCG Model # Potomac Electric Replacement
ME4340 PE2182, DC Brushless Motor
ME4341 PE2183, DC Brushless Motor
ME4343 PE1471, DC Brushless Motor
AB23000 Brushless Servo Motor
AB34001 Brushless Servo Motor
AB34003 Brushless Servo Motor
AB48001 Brushless Servo Motor
IB23002 Brushless Servo Motor
2232-MT334344591-001 DC Servo Motor
2183-ME3883 Brushless Servo Motor
2282-ME3554 Brushless Servo Motor
2281-MEB3551 Brushless Servo Motor
1541-M9062 DC Servo Motor
2183-ME3127-1 DC Servo Motor
2234-MB4917 DC Servo Motor
2243-Q-2921 DC Servo Motor
23DCMT1525 DC Servo Motor
23MBEG2448 DC Servo Motor
3231-MT2885 DC Servo Motor
3233-MTE2930-3 DC Servo Motor
3323-MTE2930-3 DC Servo Motor
33DCME2505-1 DC Servo Motor
33DCME2505-1 DC Servo Motor
33DCMTE2514-1 DC Servo Motor
34ID2-M4410 DC Servo Motor
4241-MTE3287 DC Servo Motor
43-M2325 DC Servo Motor
43-MT1684 DC Servo Motor
4786-ME4452 Brushless Servo Motor


The list of MCG servo motors we support is constantly growing as we identify the needs of our customers. We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost of maintaining the machinery. Please drop us a note at our link below with any questions.

Servo Motor Repair Inquiry and Quotes

Many of the MCG servo motors may be in our Parts Inventory, so contact us with any inquiries for small lot production.