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Yuasa controllers UDNC-M1 and UDNC-M2 expert repair

Potomac Electric Repair Services offers over 20 years of experience repairing rotary table indexing systems.

We offer expert Yuasa UDNC-M1 and UDNC-M2 rotary table controllers and motor repairs.

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Yuasa has been a major provider of CNC rotary products for decades. They can be found in large as well as in small facilities throughout the North American continent. Potomac Electric has recently added Yuasa UDNC-M1 (single-axis) and UDNC-M2 (dual-axis) rotary table programmable controllers to its CNC Repair Services line. Both controllers utilize Delta Tau's PMAC x/y controller and Delta Tau Geo drive. Potomac Electric has been repairing Delta Tau controllers, drives, and accessories for over 15 years.

Yuasa P/N Delta Tau components CNC Rotary table
UDNC-M1 PMAC x/y controller, 1-axis, GEO 1-axis drive DMNC series
UDNC-M2 PMAC x/y controller, 2-axis, GEO 2-axis drive DMNC series

We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost of maintaining your CNC machinery. Please drop us a note on our Rotary Table Repair Inquiry and Quotes page with any questions.

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